Bathing Newborns

Connecting with Baby

Bath time is a great time to connect with baby. Explore the articles and videos below to learn more about bathing a newborn.

How to Bathe Your Newborn

Baby’s first bath can seem overwhelming, but for any newborn, exciting things are happening that go beyond just getting clean.

How to Bathe a Newborn & Nurse Practitioner Advice | JOHNSONS®

Baby Massage

Benefits of Massage

Baby massage has many proven benefits. Massage can contribute to healthy weight gain, promote relaxation before bedtime, and help baby be more alert and social when awake.

Guide to Baby Massage

Learn how to massage your little one with these easy-to-follow videos.

Johnson's Baby Massage Techniques for Parents

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Skin Care

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Baby’s Sensitive Skin

A baby’s skin plays an essential role in maintaining health, defending against irritants and infections, and regulating internal temperature.

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Eczema is an itchy, red rash which is categorized by periods of flare. Learn about eczema tips, tricks, and triggers.

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Baby & Toddler Support

JOHNSON'S® provides the latest resources for raising healthy, happy babies and little ones.

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Parent Support

JOHNSON'S® provides the latest resources for those preparing for parenthood.